Although we may employ many strategies to manage your money, one of our successful strategy to generate income and daily returns that we do for most of our clients is described below. Strategies change with market and may not be suitable at all times. In discretionary accounts we decide on the strategy and the strategy listed below is for illustrative purposes only.


Our goal is to make money everyday no matter what direction market takes.


We trade options on SPX (S&P 500 index) and NDX (Nasdaq 100) in your account in such combinations that you get positioned to a chance of making money in upside, downside or sideways daily movements.

Technical Details

We buy and sell multiple options legs based on calculations of daily probability of movement derived from VIX and VOLQ (volatility indicators) and create calendar spreads of straddles and strangles in different ratios around the at-the-money strike prices. In a nutshell - if market doesn’t move much at the expiration, we may stand to gain from time value decay and if market moves we stand to make money from the movements.

Risk of Loss

Changes in Implied Volatility, SKEW, demand and supply for contracts create complex risk of loss for the investments.