Siddharth Mehta, Founder and Portfolio Manager

Siddharth Mehta is a passionate portfolio manager who started trading at the age of 18. His interest in FX, equities and derivatives shaped his decision to study economics at both undergraduate and graduate levels. He holds a BA Economics from the University of Texas at Austin and MA Applied Economics from University of Houston. He started his journey in the wealth management business with Merrill Lynch in Houston, TX in 2014 and later worked with Morgan Stanley and Bank of America Merrill Lynch in Los Angeles, CA before starting Wisdom Oak Fund Management LLC. He enjoys solving the complex puzzles that markets offer everyday with so much new information flowing from across the globe every minute impacting businesses and our lives. He enjoys playing chess, traveling, spending time at the beach and helping people manage their hard earned money. He is a proud Houstonian and lives in west Houston with his wife Isha and daughter Orvana.